Projects in progress

Youth resource centre:

When complete, this building will be a temporary home for approximately 10 orphaned youth at a time. Full-time staff from the community will care for the youth while more permanent homes are being found for them among families in the community. At the centre youth will be fed, enabled to attend school and given opportunities to learn work skills.

The centre will also serve as the headquarters for BEEDAY’s ongoing work of agricultural development, anti-poverty initiatives and reconciliation in the community.

School fees:

BEEDAY will pay for the school fees and provide school uniforms for about 50 youth in the community, including those staying at the youth centre.

Chicken farm:

BEEDAY is in the process of building fences and feeders for raising chickens that will be sold in local markets. Profits from the chicken farm will contribute to the operation of the resource centre. Youth staying at the centre will work on the chicken farm and learn business management skills.

Nutritious meals:

Youth staying at the centre will eat food purchased from local farmers, supplemented with fresh vegetables cultivated by BEEDAY members. BEEDAY will also distribute small sums of money to families hosting youth allowing them to purchase supplemental food.