BEEDAY is a community-based organization in Burundi that cares for war orphans, investing in their education and health while working to combat discrimination and violence. BEEDAY works in partnership with Accountable Development Works to provide youth with homes and adequate nutrition, enable them to attend school and offer them opportunities to learn work skills.

Who we are:

portrait of Jean-Marie-Bangoranbona Jean Marie Bangurambona
BEEDAY president
Jean is a school teacher who acts as a liaison between the government and the local population.

portrait of Justin-Barasebanya Justin Laban Barasebanya
BEEDAY vice president
Justin is the former administrator of the Mugwi commune of Burundi and is a local business owner.

Evariste Ciza
BEEDAY secretary
Evariste is a school teacher in the Cibitoke province.

portrait of Antoinette-Nizigiyimana Antoinette Nizigiyimana
BEEDAY treasurer
Antoinette is active in her community as an educator on the topic of HIV/AIDS awareness.

portrait of Samuel-Bavugirije Samuel Bavugirije
Samuel is a farmer and former administrator of Mugwi Commune.

Augustin Masabo
Augustin is a principal of École Secondaire de Mugimbu.

portrait of Christophe-Nizigiyeyo Christophe Nizigiyeyo
Christophe is a small business owner.

portrait of Generose-Bampoyiki Générose Bampoyiki
Générose is an educator in her community and local church.

portrait of Rose-Icitegetse Rose Icitegetse
Rose educates youth in her community.

Jonas Habimana
Jonas cultivates coffee, bananas and cassava.

portrait of Jean-Marie-Nduwimana Jean Marie Nduwimana
Jean is a small-scale farmer.

portrait of Uzier-Ntaroroga Uzier Ntaroroga